I received a number of wonderful gifts this year including a Roomba, a DVD Burner, a travel router, a flash drive, a few books including John Stewart's America, barbeque tools, and some nice clothing. So far I can recommend all of these products to anyone interested!

I'm burning my first DVD right now, and I must say it's quite convenient. Debian helped me out by simply requiring me to install "dvd+rw-tools" in addition to K3B which I normally use for cd burning.

We used my new travel router in Park City; I particularly like the physical switch on the outside for enabling single-user, multi-user, and configuration modes.

The Roomba has been cleaning up our house. On two or three occasions we've set it loose when I went out shopping, or to get some food. Coming home to a clean floor is a luxury. It's also somehow satisfying to see it happily parked in its docking station.

John Stewart's book is simply hillarious, though I haven't had time to read it in entirety.

As for everything else, I'm enjoying it greatly and thank everyone for their extreme generosity!