About two weeks ago Libby noticed a lump on Lillian's posterior and we took her in on Saturday February 11th to have it examined. Our vet felt and then aspirated the lump and was disappointed to find some granules in the sample. Unfortunately, these are characteristic of a mast cell tumor. Lily had a mast cell tumor removed a few years ago from the back of her neck. We were able to schedule her for surgery on Monday February 13th to have the tumor removed. The surgery was very sucessful and it was excised with an ample margin.

Today, we heard the results of the pathology. They confirmed that it was indeed a mast cell tumor grade 2. We'll be taking her to an oncologist as soon as we can. From what we've read there are a number of tests we can do to determine the extent to which the tumor has spread. The small size of the tumor, the successful surgery, and the long time between these incidents are all good signs. Obviously we've been worried about her since we heard this, but we can only hope for the bset and do everything in our power to assure her speedy recovery.