Preface: on thursday, we finished the project from last weekend involving planting some bushes along the side of the garage. Libby selected two gardenias and an ezalea. They look quite nice, and the area looks much better with top soil and mulch than it did with dead grass.

Spent a good chunk of this weekend doing things around the house. In general, these projects are very satisfying and each of varying degrees of fun. Libby started Saturday morning by painting out guest bedroom a nice light-blue. We hung a few pictures, including a caricature from the North Carolina Dachshund picnic last year. I wasn't quite as productive early Saturday, but did manage to mow the lawn. On Sunday we installed knobs for our cabinets in the master bathroom and the guest bathroom, got a new rug for our family room, and a new bedspread for the newly colored guest bedroom. Photos are available in the Gallery.