We returned on Monday night from a weekend in Park City, UT where we visited with Libby's parents and brother Ethan at their second home. The time over the weekend was divided between shopping for furniture, supplies, and relaxing on the mountainside.

This week has been pretty busy between picking up the three dogs we'd sprinkled amoung Raleigh for babysitting over the weekend, catching up on house chores, and catching up at work. John came to visit us, well he really came to present at a conference, but we greatly enjoyed seeing him and catching up.

Phoebe was adopted this week, and our other two are at the vet for their heartworm treatments until tomorrow morning. As a result, only Lily and Marshall are keeping us company at home tonight. We're looking forward to a lovely weekend enjoying the nice weather.

Work's going quite well, we're close to reaching another customer milestone. We've hired two new people and are still looking for more. We're hiring another PHP/MySQL developer with a background in object-oriented programming to help serve our software maintenance needs that are currently on the current two developers.