Libby's back to painting today. She's decided that painting the front hallway is of high importance, and who am I to stand in her way? We've decided on a gray/silver color. We're both looking forward to the new look!

The dogs are all doing well. Spot's diabetes seems to be better regulated and has gone for 5-6 days without a major accident. Marshall and Lily are spending lots of time lounging by the fire. Amy is nearing the end of her heartworm treatment and is going to get spayed and have her mammory tumors removed this week at Mebane.

Last weekend we got to visit with Gadget's parents and try a new restaurant nearby, Zyng. This weekend got to visit with Durham and his parents last night and enjoyed a nice Thai dinner.

Libby's taking a week off general DRNA listserve emails. Unfortunately for her, she attempted to activate it Sunday evening but it only really started working wednesday night. What she's going to do with all her now free time is a mystery, but I commend her for trying something new!

Work's going well, we're now looking for a systems administrator and will be sponsoring pizza for a TriLUG meeting and will be plugging our openings to the crowd.