Libby and I have been very busy the last couple weeks very, but this past weekend we took some time on Libby's initiative to clean out part of the garage. We got new shelves and a bunch of plastic bins and the doggie stuff is now all organized. It's been quite a pleasant site as we pull our cars in each evening. In addition, we've added some hooks and a bin to our coat closet and it can now actually hold coats and stuff previously piled outside!

We're looking forward to visits from Sadia, Libby's grandparents, and my parents in the next two months so that should keep us pretty busy and the house clean!

I celebrated my one year anniversary at Broadwick today. We also just celebrated our 1500th customer last night. Quite an improvement from this time last year. Not to mention we've gone from 2 paid full-time staff members to 8, plus 4 interns. My development team has expanded from 1--myself (with a little help from the CTO) to 3 full-time developers and 2 interns (still with a little help from the CTO)! Congratulations to me and the company!

Libby's finally getting over her extended bout with bronchitis. With the help of some antibiotic and some cough medicine she's doing better. Enough that she's gone running the past few days!