We've had quite a busy week. We started by taking down all our Christmas decorations and packing them up, but continue to find things around the house which should be packed. We've bought several of the colored red & green boxes to make it clearly evident which things to retrieve when the holidays come again next year.

We've hung one of our Christmas presents, a DVD rack. It looks wonderful in our family room and by moving the DVDs from the bookcase to the wall-shelf we can now clear up the walkway! Take a look for yourself.

We've spent the past two weekends at Dachshund Meetups at both the Raleigh and Durham dog parks. We're always meeting new dachshunds and old friends at the meetups and the dogs play and enjoy time with old friends and new pals. Photos in the gallery.

Finally, today Libby used the ice cream maker given to us as a wedding gift to make a decadent chocolate ice cream. Although making ice cream is qutie invovled, we were pleasantly suprised how well it turned out and we'll be trying new recipes whenever we get the chance.

The weather has finally begun to realize that it's no longer autum and the days of 70 degrees should be over for a while. It snowed this morning in Garner, about 15 miles south-east of here.