We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break in St. Louis. We really enjoyed getting to see our immediate and extended families! It was nice to have everyone together. We had six dogs staying at the Bucholz residence which was an ongoing circus, but everyone got along and fun was had by most.

This week, Libby's been working on papers, homeworks, and preparing for meetings. She's had quite the busy week, and is very excited about the semester drawing to a close and leading into another vacation!

As for me, I've spent the week moving our office from Chapel Hill to Durham. I've spent much of the two weeks prior in preparation for this feat, including two middle of the night server maintenance/upgrades. Our new office is located about 10 minutes from our home, and we have about 6 times the space we did in the previous office. We're leasing space from Renesas, a division of Hitachi. We also purchased a brand new phone system from FeatureTel, which not only allows us to all have really nice telephones, but allows a multitude of flexibility as we continue to grow.

We're both also looking forward to Libby's aunt Peg visiting this weekend.