It's almost Turkey Day! We're looking forward to relaxation and time with family!

This weekend we went hiking and enjoyed the outdoors. We had a long hike with Lillian, Gadget, and Marshall and they're all exhausted! Dash was adopted this weekend, and as a result we're down to only two (2) dachshunds!

Libby and I have tried to adjust our eating habits after seeing Super Size Me. We've been trying to cut soft drinks down if not out of our diet, and eating more fresh vegetables. So, tonight we went to Red Robin and had burgers (Libby had chicken) and steak fries! Not exactly what we'd envisioned, but we didn't get a soda. I had very little soda for lunch and I found myself significantly hungrier, so I'm not sure about the value of taking soda out of the diet if I replace it with food.

In the last week, we made fresh tomato sauce in the crock pot and it turned out wonderful! We were quite suprised to find that by throwing stuff in the crock pot and cooking it all day; it turned into quite a nice dinner, even for us pasta snobs.

We've started to do our christmas shopping, and have setup a gift tracking system (thanks to Eric for finding this software) for all family, friends, and anyone who might like to receive something other than coal. We encourage our families to login again and update their wish lists.