Today I woke up around 8:30 and let Lillian outside. The wind whipped through the door and blanketed my face and arms with cool air. It couldn't have been more than 50 degrees out and it felt glorious! I went back to bed for a bit, but not before opening the windows to enjoy the beautiful weather.

We started by taking Lily for a long walk around the neighborhood. We walked down our street, did the largest possible route in another subdivision, and walked back enjoying the beautiful weather the whole way. Next, we went to Panera for lunch, and ate outside with Lily and Coty (I really don't like this spelling). We returned home after recording the number of what looks like a doggie day care being built in our adjacent shopping center.

With the beautiful temperatures, we spent most of the afternoon working on the yard. We mowed, dethatched, pulled up tons of crab grass, over/reseeded, and finally dug a drainage ditch down one side. Hopefully all of these things will help us have a beautiful lawn come spring. We've already been able to see major results from the fertilizer. We had beautiful green growth before we gave it a buzz cut in preparation for the seeding.

We dined this evening at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe and honestly weren't terribly impressed. We paid more than $8 each for our dinners which were small portions and Libby said her panini was most similar to grilled cheese, but worse. My grilled wrap was miniscule. Here's to say we won't be returning for a while to try anything new.

Libby, Lily, Coty, and I went for a second walk of the day around the neighborhood trying to get Coty some exercise to help trim his figure.

I've put up pictures of some of the celebrations for Lily yesterday. Libby baked muffins for the puppies and Lily was generous enough to share them at the dog park for the Dachshund Meetup.