As always, our weekend was much too short. We spent most of it running around doing various and sundry things. On Friday, we enjoyed a nice dinner out at Red Robin, and I was exhausted from getting up early to try an finish the project I'm on at work. This resulted in heading to bed early.

Both Andy and Teddy went up north to their forever homes as Libby woke to drive them on a transport. She drove them up to South Hill, VA where the person she net was 1 hour and 15 minutes late, which entirely screws up the schedule for such a transport.

We went to Anjum's apartment for dinner where her mother had whipped up a feast fit for kings. We enjoyed many dishes, kabobs, and topped it off with a dessert cake from Maggie Moo's!

Sunday we got to sleep in a bit later. Libby cleaned out her car, and I pulled a bunch of crab grass from our back yard. It's amazing how little real grass we have once all the crab grass is pulled up. The plan is to reseed and hopefully have some better grass next year.

We lunched at Salsaritas, and Libby spent the afternoon cleaning up inside and folding clothes, while I gutted and cleaned the garage. Both are now spotless. That was the exciting weekend here on Cedar Grove Drive.