This weekend we had quite a few things planned, and amazingly we got to most of them. We started the weekend with a shopping extravaganza at Lowes where we bought plants, top soil, and mulch for Sunday's endeavours. We dined at Quizno's for dinner, and headed to bed early to rest up for Saturday.

On Saturday we woke and headed to rent a canoe and proceeded to paddle upstream for many a mile on the Eno river. During our trip, Lillian was more than happy to jump into the water and was completely unfazed by the entire canoeing experience. You can see photos of her swimming to fetch her toy in the water. We were quite impressed. We had intended to go downriver and into the lake, but alas a miscalculation caused us to head the wrong way. We had a wonderful time in spite of this mistake!

On Sunday, we begun our celebration of our anniversary by contemplating whether our planting ornamental grass in front of the utility "nubs" was worth the risk of cutting the wires or not compounded by the fear of recent mistakes made in this department. We decied that we would proceed cautiously and ignore the risk! We're not terribly happy about the large number of green things in our lawn, particularly when the one which lies front and center pertains to the telephone company with which we have no affiliation.

Not only this, but we also planted four new bushes and transplated one of the boxwoods to better frame the sidewalk leading up to our front door.

Finally, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Casa Carbone though I'm not sure we'll ever be headed back.

Tonight, I made fajitas using a recipe off the internet found by searching for "fajita recipe" of all obscure keywords! They were out of this world, and Libby and I were both stuffed to the brim. We enjoyed a nice long walk down the dirt path which will eventually be the continuation of our road, and have returned for a bit of television, reading, and uploading of the photos from the weekend.

We've enjoyed our first six months as married couple, and we feel very lucky to have found one another!