It's been quite a week, including a maximum of 6 dogs (babysitting two, fostering 3, and Lillian). All are gone except Sadie and Lily. One of those we had for a few days was Cassie, or "udders". She had a litter of unhealthy puppies who all died, and when we got her she was still producing milk. As a result, she globbed onto some stuffed toys Libby put in the kennel with her and would get quite defensive when someone would come near them. One of her "babies" was a plastic dental chew. So much for mothers recognizing their own.

Tomorrow we head to St. Louis to see Elly's graduation. As a graduation gift, Elly got a digital camera and a photo gallery! We hope to see many photos of Elly, friends, and outings as she trots off to college. We're both extremely proud of Elly and look forward to celebrating her grand accomplishment this weekend.