On Saturday, we tried to get the lawn mower going and had no luck. After draining the gas and replacing the spark plug it still wouldn't start. We ended up using our neighbors' mower and ours will go to the shop tomorrow, hopefully.

We also picked up Heidi who cannot use her two left legs. She seems to have control and sensation of most of her body, but her muscles have all but deteriorated from her two left limbs.

The cable people came sometime Sunday morning while we were out doing a home visit and ran a cable across the driveway which works exactly the same as my solution, though perhaps more attractive. Hopefully they'll find a more permanent solution soon.

Tonight, since we're done with turn off the TV week, we watched Survivor, though Libby already knew who got voted off since we'd heard she was scheduled to appear on talk shows this week. Funny how we could have avoided watching it all together since we knew who was voted off! The plan is to limit our TV consumption in the future since we both agree that we benefited from turning it off.