Thursday, Sidney was dropped off for us to babysit. He's a DRNA dog who doesn't like kids, other dogs, or cats; he's also blind. When we bring him near the other dogs, he tries to bite them. It almost seems like it's not viscous as he just wanted to chomp on them. Unfortunately, it means that he gets to stay in his crate most of the time, just like Chloe.

The weather here is hot during the day, and quite pleasant from dusk until mid-day. Last night we planned on visiting the dog park with the puppies so they could run around and play with all the other dogs. Unfortunately, upon Libby's arrival she discovered that Lillian had a cut under her left eye. We decided it needed examined by the vet, and in a fairly prompt manner, they told us that it was merely a superficial scratch and some drops would help it heal best.
After the vet, we went to our favorite Quizno's for dinner. We enjoyed a Mesquite Chicken sub, with mushrooms and then took a walk around the shopping area with the puppies. Lily and Mercedes had a few families descend upon them to give them love and pets. We drove home, and then dealt with the cable connection.

I'd been unable to access my connection all day, which could have meant everything from the power being off to a hardware failure inside the house. When I got home we realized that the cable was fuzzy (TV turned on for testing purposes only, no sound) and the cable modem was blinking lights looking for a signal. I went out front since I'd seen the top off the cable "nub" in the front yard as I'd left in the morning, and found that by kicking it and messing with the wires everything was fixed.

We then went to go get some ice cream at Maggie Moo's that just opened and found that it's still very expensive ($3.73 for an ice cream cone w/ some rasberries mixed in) and despite all the training we witnessed on a walk earlier this week they need to hone their mixing skills a bit.

After we returned, we found that the cable was unfortunately dead again! This time, I took the cable modem out to the nub with an extension cord and identified that the problem seemed to be between the house and the nub. I called the cable company and they said the earliest they could come out would be Sunday between 3am and 11pm or something crazy like that. As I hung up with them, they signed off with, "I hope you can be patient until Sunday." So, I got out my cable spool and ran a cable from the nub to the house across the driveway. Unfortunately due to the positioning of the nub and the house they had to run the cable around the back of the house to the cable box on the other side of the house. This means that since I wasn't going to go all the way around the house, I had run the cable across the base of the driveway. Libby was (rightfully) worried about the long-term viability of the wire sustaining vehicle traffic, she noticed that we could drape the wire over the coach lights which allows it to chase over the garage in what looks like a beautiful christmas lights rig, without any lights.

Finally, I just received news that Eric and Ana have forfeited turn off the TV week by watching television today, and I think we all know that means that we're better than them, or something.