Today we got up at 6am to drive Ernie to Florence, SC to meet his new family. They had risen at 3:30am to meet us there, so I suppose our end of the stick wasn't the shortest. We dined for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then drove back and all three of us took naps. My nap lasted around 45 minutes, Libby's 1.5 hours, and Mina napped for over 3 hours. We all felt much better after our siestas and dined at Jason's Deli for dinner. We picked up Oscar at Petsmart who'll be staying in another foster home. So, we're down to three dogs and have been a bit shocked by the peace and quiet it's afforded us this afternoon! Otherwise, we've just lounged around and watched TV in spite of turn off the TV week.

Tomorrow, Mina has her meetings with the faculty at Duke. Best of luck to her!