We sent off our taxes today, but unfortunately we won't be receiving any refund checks. We owed $16 to the state of North Carolina and much more to the federal government.

On another note, my new PDA came last night and I've only gotten to bask in some of the many features. For one, I can now web browse, check and send email from anywhere on the go that has 802.11b access (for example, Borders, Starbucks, and many airports offer T-Mobile hotspot service. This costs around .10/minute)! I hope to get a memory stick for it so I can listen to music and audio books on the go.

We're down to four dogs: Lillian and three fosters (Ernie, Mercedes, and Chloe (who is recovering from a back injury and spends 23/24 hours a day in her kennel)). Ernie and the pair in our foster home should be going home this weekend. We're very much looking forward to relaxing this weekend.