I stayed home today with a crick in my neck. I woke up around 7 am this morning with the worst pain I've felt in a while in my neck. I tried to sit up and was confronted with more pain. I felt pretty silly telling my boss that I wasn't coming in to work because my neck was stiff from sleeping wrong, but to be honest I could in that condition. Now, at 5pm, it's to the point where I could probably drive, but it still really hurts. I think I'll take a hot bath tonight to see if that will help and continue to apply Icy Hot and pop Advil. My friend and his wife spent Saturday and Sunday doing back-breaking labor landscaping their front lawn and were sore today. I spent most of the weekend sitting down and stay home from work with a stiff neck.

Time to start making dinner. One of the things we still can't find from our move is our collection of recipes. I haven't yet started to collect them again in hopes that they'll turn up at some point.