Lily and Marshall adjusted to Clayton's arrival with more grace than we'd expected. Libby made the brilliant move to send a blanket of Clayton's home to give the pups to smell and get used to before we came home.

Read on for the story in photos...

Upon our trip home, Libby went in to greet the dogs first, while Clayton stayed outside. The kids were quite interested, but not overly pushy.

After this, Marshall just relaxed and wanted some attention too. Lily wasn't quite as sure, but we encouraged her with some canned-cheese.

Over the past week, they've both been quite good. Lily seems to realize that Clayton's another little human and not to be played with. In spite of Clayton's many smells, noises, and motions, Lily seems to have accepted him and we have to tell her occasionally to leave him be, but she always listens quite well. As Lily and Marshall napped with Libby and Clayton the other night, we weren't worried to let them rest. We're very proud of Lily and Marshall for being so accepting. We can't impress enough the value of the training we've done with them and how it helps to be able to give them commands, and make requests of them and expect them to obey.

Lily and Marshall won't be brushed aside by Clayton, but they'll continue to be just as important members of our now larger family.