Clayton was born 1 week ago tonight. Reflecting on the last week, it's been the experience of a lifetime.

As Clayton was born a week ago, we were charged with the awesome thought, "what do we do with him?" As we were alone with him in our room, we quickly learned that we knew more than we thought, and more than anything he just needed us to be there and love him.

In his first week, we've made progress with the communication barrier, feeding him, clothing him, and other basics. On both his side and ours, we desperately seek to better communicate. Libby and I always try to remember that with each cry, whimper, and wail he asks us for something. The true pleasure is discovering what he seeks and working to provide it.

One of the greatest pleasures for which he needn't ask has been to sit and watch him take in the world through his wide eyes, ears, nose, hands, and, of course, his mouth. When he stares with the deepest look of wonder and curiosity it always makes me wonder what things he's discovering. For much of the last week, especially the birth itself, Libby and I haven't looked much at clocks, calendars, or emails, nor responded to pressures from much of the rest of life.

Libby claims that my eyes light up when I look at him and hold him. I know the feeling I got when I wrapped him in a blanket and helped him calm down that first night; it made me realize how important I was to this little guy who wanted nothing in the world other than people to care about him and take care of him. Anyone who knows me would quickly tell you that nurturing isn't one of my strong suits or, some might argue, even a skill. In fact, in my own ways, I do everything in my power to help people around me grow, learn, and become better in everything hey do, but my methods stray far from the conventional definition of nurturing. It just so happens that at this point, Clay needs help in areas that we take for granted including food, cleanliness, warmth, rest, and affection. At this point, we play with this very small deck, and look to add cards one at a time as Clay and his parents grow together.

Oh, and your reward for reading all this...more photos.