As many of you following the Twitter feed know, Libby spent about 48 hours working to get Muppet out and transformed into Clayton Davidson Rasch. He graced us with his presence at 21:32 on August 20th. Over the last 24-hours, we've gone from proud parents of two dogs to the parents of a new baby boy (and the two dogs). Clayton was 9 pounds and 5 ounces at birth and 22 inches long.

Our labor process, although long (48 hours from start to finish) was quite a journey and we wouldn't change anything about the way things went. We'll follow up soon with the expanded saga, so for now you'll need to refer to the readers digest version from Twitter, but our experience was a success thanks to our doula Carol and our nurse Marsha.

Since then, we've spent much time bonding, feeding, recovering, and learning. We're learning the fun skills necessary to take care of Clayton, ourselves, and integrate his life into ours.

We've taken lots of photos, here are a few.