We had a late night full of contractions last night. They started in earnest around 10:30pm and continued pretty strong through 6am or so when Libby finally got some rest. I also caught a few hours of sleep between 2 and 4 or so.

Things slowed down a bit this morning and Libby's getting intermittent contractions of varying intensity. We went for a walk, but that didn't seem to get them started again.

Upon our trip to the doctor this morning, we found that Libby's 4cm dilated and 80% effaced (compared with "fingertip" and 70% last Wednesday) which indicates lots of progress. Kudos to Libby on her weathering the contractions last night.

The doctor wanted to send us to the hospital, but instead we decided to get a biophysical profile of the kiddo so that we could head home to get contractions going again. Muppet scored an 8/8 on this test so we were allowed to go home and see if labor will get itself started before we go to the hospital.

We spoke with our Doula and she was very proud of Libby for her progress to 4cm as this means the contractions last night were substantive and strong. She reported that many people end up at the hospital at 2cm so we've already passed that milestone.

We got some lunch at Quiznos and then left as soon as we'd finished because Libby didn't want to be grunting and grimacing and disturbing the other patrons.

We're hanging out with the kiddos here at home a bit, and waiting for things to get moving again. For more up-to-the-minute information, check the Twitter feed (pulled in automatically on the right side) and Flickr (also pulled in on the right side of the blog).