My saga this far:

  1. Signed up Jan 24th on the web, selected plans and received no warnings
  2. Called to activate received phone, activated, and found voice worked, but BlackBerry did not (2/1)
  3. Called and spent 1 hour on the phone converting to BlackBerry Plan and splitting to two plans as this had been "the problem" and thus why my blackberry wasn't functioning. (2/1)
  4. Called to find that I needed to exchange broken holster to local corporate store for replacement (2/15)
  5. Made trip to local store to exchange holster
  6. Called to discuss 2 service outages in first 3 weeks, received $10 credit and told I couldn't receive another credit for 1 yr
  7. Called and spent 30 minutes on the phone to straighten out and receive $316 credit for bill in usage charges because 1, 2, and 3 above still didn't have my account setup properly. (2/28)
  8. Called to discuss blackberry isn't working after phone call #7-- spoke with Monica Coan ( (45 more minutes) She found that I was not even on a blackberry plan, but still had MediaMax (see 2-7) (2/28)
  9. Received a call 3/10 to say that some of the charges had been credited, but that it was still over my minutes (450). The credit still left $157 in overae charges. In this conversation, I was told I never needed to switch from FamilyTalk to my new plan, which caused all this problem to begin with (see #3).
    10. Upon examining my bill, i find that many of the minutes for which I'm being charged are calls to my wife (another AT&T customer who USED to be on my FamilyTalk plan) either way, these are mobile-to-mobile calls which I was assured are still Unlimited under my plan. At this point, I still owe 266.05 and $140 in usage charges (that aren't valid)
  10. Called for 46 minutes and spoke to Chantelle about my call on 9. She agreed that the credit for #9 was not sufficient after spending 20 minutes manually counting up the number of minutes I spoke with my wife (~350-380 of 900 total minutes), which put an upper bound on my over charges of 100 minutes and $40. In fact, she gave me a credit for the whole thing, which I let her do because if you factor in other Mobile-to-Mobile calls I was at most ~30 minutes over, which I told her and I'd be willing to pay the overage for 30 minutes as this is what I actually incurred. (3/20)
  11. I realized today that I actually incurred another $102 of false charges in the 2/20-3/20 billing cycle that occured before I resolved #8. I will need to call again to try and reclaim this amount. On top of this, my actual statement for my "paperless billing" doesn't show up, at all, for 3/20 or for 4/20. Why did we ever rely on paper? it's so unreliable!