The answer is, FuelFrog. Over the past 9 weeks, we've conceived an idea, branded, implemented, tested, launched, and started to market a brand new web application. I'll be talking more over the next few weeks about the technology behind FuelFrog and what's coming up for new features!

FuelFrog Logo

We know that you care about how your car affects the environment. What better way to understand and manage this than to start tracking it! FuelFrog will help you keep an eye on your gas consumption, mileage, and also help you understand how gas prices affect your budget.

Through integration with Twitter, it's easy to keep FuelFrog up to date. Each time you fill up, simply send @fuelfrog miles price gallons for example, my last fillup was @fuelfrog 320 3.539 10.293. We'll do all the rest!

Log on to FuelFrog now and try it out!