Personal offsite backups stink. I've been using a shared hosting account to try and get my backups up and going, which is usually against the terms of service and likely to be cancelled by them at any point. In looking at other options, there are lots of great articles out there covering this topic so I won't attempt to rehash them. I have 80GB+ of photos, data, etc that needs to be backed up offsite regularly. I used to do this over the internet to my family's home across the country, but through irrelevant turn of events that's no longer possible.

I've looked at lots of services to support this:

From what I can tell, the only ones here that include support for the Linux-based server which needs to perform these backups for me are: JungleDisk/S3, and BingoDisk. BingoDisk is somewhat pricy and tops out at my current allocation (their top plan is 100GB). Many of the Windows-supporting services allow "unlimited" storage, which is never unlimited but sounds much better. At the size of my data on S3, I'm looking to pay ~$40/month which is getting pretty pricy and makes the hard-drive swapping a much better prospect.

I've also considered putting a wifi-capable device at a neighbors house to get me some offsite but allow a LAN connection. This is similar, but much less cool than EJ's network

For now, I think I'll just take an encrypted copy of my data to work.

And for a serendipitous reference to my last post, BingoDisk seems to have had a 10-day+ outage because there was a bug in their super-duper-mega-expensive-Sun-ZFS-data-array-thingy. Which is a big bit of support for my case that more expensive toys aren't always better. On the upside, they were very open and honest about what was going on. But, they were down for 10-days, wow.