Recently I tried to use the Gallery Multiroot module/plugin to setup a new site based upon an existing Album in our gallery. Since we started sorting albums chronologically, we wanted to sort out the Dachshund photos separately. To do this, I used the Multiroot feature. Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to work as I'm already using the Multisite plugin to host several Galleries off of my web server. The magic touch was to use the following file, the first line is key and had to be added to make things work in the Multisite configuration.

[sourcecode language='php']
define('GALLERY_CONFIG_DIR', "/var/virtualwww/"); //I had to add this line

$ret = GalleryEmbed::init(
array('embedUri' => '/',
'g2Uri' => '',
'apiVersion' => array(1, 2)

if ($ret) {
print '' . $ret->getAsHtml() . '';

$gallery->setConfig('login', true);
$gallery->setConfig('defaultAlbumId', 28426);
$gallery->setConfig('breadcrumbRootId', 28426);


Now live: DRNA Gallery