This week the development team responded en masse to a few bugs that made it into the production world. The triage process takes these bugs as we receive them directly from customers or from our support-team on the front lines and gets them right into the hands of the developers. The developers step up, dropping their current sprint priorities temporarily, to respond to these critical issues. This feedback loop encourages them to value unit, functional, smoke, and regression testing because they see the result of bugs making it into the wild.

Two of the issues that bit us this past week would have been caught within 5 minutes by tests we placed near the top of our priority list at the beginning of this sprint (8/7) and are still scheduled to be completed by the close of the sprint.

On the up side, we've had only a handful of minor issues related to our 4.0 release. The worst problems have been a few features we didn't bring over from the 3.0 interface such as paying for additional sends above and beyond those included with your account.

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