• ProtectLi

Distros? or raw BSD?

  • PFSense, OPNSense, Untangled

BSD Host with other guests?


  1. Full Gig speed
  2. Firewall and port forwarding with hairpin
  3. IPv6 with firewall setup
  4. Be able to configure DNSMasq sanely.
    1. Easy to configure static dhcp and corresponding DNS hosts
    2. Easy to configure DNS names
  5. Easy to set up arbitrary VPNs
  6. Maybe run arbitrary VM/Containers for other infra services like: Pihole,

What if I want to run VMs?

One could just run VMs using virtualization on the respective BSD distro above. Using: https://github.com/churchers/vm-bhyve. Tried this and was able to start a VM pretty easily.

Other options include more virutalization web management frameworks on top of KVM and/or Xen nee Citrix