We never made it to the fireworks tonight. One of our fellow rescuers had an incident between her pointer mix and one of her doxie fosters--Chloe. As a result, Libby spent most of the afternoon getting her wounds cared for at one vet, then the emergency vet. She ended up getting 20 staples and 4 drains installed. Unfortunately, this is far from the first time this mix has attacked another small dog. He's going to have to be separated for the forseeable future. I went to north-raleigh to pickup a dog in transit from New Jersey to Greensboro (clearly the lesser of the two tasks). We then went together to pick up Chloe from her surgery. We hope Chloe has a quick recovery.

This evening Libby and I took a walk to fit in some celebration and watched the fireworks set off by our neighbors.