We drove up to Manassas, VA this weekend for the Mid-atlantic Dachshund Picnic. An event similar in nature to the North Carolina Wiener Roast including many of the same people and events, but it allows Dachshund fanatics to celebrate more than just once per year! Lily participated in several events, but the competition was stiffer and the judging was questionable. She came in second in the bobbing for wieners contest, though we feel that the judges extra "treats" between rounds were meant to jeapordize her stamina by filling up her stomach with hot dogs. She also didn't make it out of her first heat and came in second place. Lily, Cody, and Marshall also greatly enjoyed the event and spent the day lounging in their x-pen. We greatly enjoyed seeing many of our former fosters and adopters including Leah, Teddy & Andy, Samantha, Willie, and Hannah.

On Sunday we drove back to Carborro just in time for the Dachshund Day at Weaver Street, where a local fanatic holds a gathering for all local dachshund friends!