Well, we were slated to get four (4) dogs from the puppymill that brought us Andy and Cody, but the woman (who is likely found at http://www.calabel.net) has apparently decided to give them away to people in the community. In any case, we aren't getting these 4 dogs this weekend. Instead, we're still getting another who's being surrendered by his owner of 13 years, and there's a 10 year old coming from somewhere between here and Greenville.

Finally, Libby got a call today about a dog with a rear leg problem at the Durham shelter. She went and picked him up, took him to the vet, and learned that he had a dislocated hip. They are going to try and relocate it tomorrow, but in the event that too much time has elapsed they'll be doing a procedure where they remove the ball of the "ball and socket" joint which forms the hip. Supposedly he'll recover quickly and nearly unscathed. I wouldn't welcome such an operation on myself as it soulds really uncomfortable. However, I suppose this is one of the advantages of being a quadruped.