On Sunday, two ladies we'd previously met on a home check called us to let us know a relative had found two young Dachshunds. They ended up dropping them off at our house and we found they were covered in ticks (and also look like mixes). We took them to the Mebane vet yesterday (they are a wonderful vet and any pet is lucky to be cared for by their generous and caring staff). We then found that they also have serious heart murmurs and are expected to live 2 years or so. Neither were spayed/neutered and the male hasn't a thought in his head other than pursuing the female. It's though that the two are litter mates (brother & sister) and also that they've probably already mated (gross, I know). Surgery is risky for the pups in their condition, but we cannot adopt them out unaltered, so they will be going in for surgery in a few weeks. Emma and Andy currently reside in our garage until all the ticks have died and fallen off, at which point they'll come live inside with us!

Teddy, mentioned Saturday, is now being fostered in Durham, so we're down to four.

Update: Landscaping pictures are up.