Recently, Libby's connected with a number of people who are fostering dogs for DRNA in our area. In general, this means that we don't have to keep as many dogs at our house! This week, two of the dogs fostered by other local voulenteers were adopted--Baxter and Oscar. Tomorrow, Jazz gets picked up by his family whose driven down from Illinois!

As for us, Libby's spent the day dealing with Teddy our newest foster who's a 25 pound male red long-hair. She picked him up this morning in Cary (he came all the way from South Carolina), took him to the vet to get shots and found that he is heartworm positive, has fleas, and conjunctivitis (eye problems). Finally, a woman we'd met on a transport came over to offer her grooming expertise and he's now looking beautiful (pictures to come). As for the heartworms, it means he'll be in foster care for at least 6 weeks for the treatment and a neuter. Poor guy.