Yesterday we attended the North Carolina Wiener Roast as previously discussed. We were supposed to arrive at 9am, but didn't get all the pups and gear into the car until around 8:15 and consequently didn't arrive in the vicinity of the park until around 9:30. We had a bit of trouble locating the place, which I thought was a result of Libby's dismissal of the provided directions and preference for those provided by MapQuest, but as it were many people were lost and confused en route. Finally we located the picnic around 10:00 and began to unload. We were disappointed to find a long haul to the park shelter. This included a 300 yd. walk down a hill (which wasn't so rough until we had to walk back to the parking lot). We ended up setting up our camp near the entrance.

I made two more trips back to the car for supplies, and helped several other people unload their goodies from the parking lot. Dan and Anna Carla (someone correct my spellng if it's wrong) arrived not too long after we did, and brought a tent which provided much apprecited shade throughout the hot day. Susie Yates-Clark arrived around 11:00

We met many people we knew and Libby was sought out by many of the people with whom she communicates via email but hadn't yet had the chance to meet. We got to see Durham (formerly Micky) (and his mom Christy), Jasper, and Chloe.

Lily had been resting up all morning for an exciting day of competition ......She started her day in the costume contest with all her foster brothers and sisters. They were dressed as "Atkins Frienly" wieners with condiments down their back and without a bun (too many carbs). They didn't receive any commendation for their efforts. Lily then cometed solo in the bobbing for wienies competition. This consists of hot dog slices being tossed in small vats. The dogs dive in and get however many they can. Lillian initially faced off against Durham and they both ate two. A runoff ensued and Lily at 5 out of 7 while Durham only got 2. Lily was the winner of the contest! Later that day Lily competed in the dachshund races. In this case, someone held Lily and she was supposed to dart toward Libby and the fastest dog would win. Since Lily still suffers from a bit of separation anxiety from her mom, she darted directly into Libby's arms and lavished her with kisses. She then relaxed in her x-pen with her friends after a hard days work.

Lily also had her charicature drawn, and picked up a new bandana and a pair of racing Doggles.

Carrying the stuff back up the hill was even less fun than bringing it down combined with exhaustion and what seemed like the hotest weather all day.

After a brief trip to the campground, we returned to the hotel, fed the pups dinners, and relaxed for a while until the rescuers all met for dinner at Red Lobster. We left the pups in the room (in an x-pen) while we went out, and upon our return we found a very rotund Lillian and a hole chewed in the food supply. Lily had gotten out of her x-pen and consumed a good amount of extra food, perhaps a self-reward for her brilliant victories during the daylight hours. Needless to say, Lily got a smaller breakfast this morning to try and work the feast through her system.

Petee and Marci were left with their transporters to Michigan and Virginia Beach respectively Saturday night. Heidi went on her transport this morning, and Cooper went home with Patti.

Fun was had by all, and everyone's exhausted!

Update: photos