Today we tried to act humanely by helping Katie let go of life as we know it. As mentioned yesterday she had begun to bleed internally. She still wouldn't to eat all day, and was extermely lethargic. The only thing she took all day was a bit of Pibb Xtra (what happened to Mr. Pibb) and Mountain Dew. We planned a nice day where we had lunch outside, a trip to the park where the doggies got Frostie Paws. Finally, we took a tour of North Raleigh. I can't imagine such a decision could ever be easy and I hope we're spared this responsibility for many years. In some ways, it's scary to have such power and as much as we say it's "easier" for her, part of me has to wonder for whom it's easier. I'm quite confident we did the right thing for Katie, and I wish her the best wherever she may be.