Someone in Garner had found a stray Dachshund and dropped it off with us on Sunday morning. That evening, the 'owner' called to claim the dog. The owner was very nasty and expressed no happiness that the dog had been found, only that she had to pick the dog up. We had taken him to the vet for shots to the tune of $111.93 and requested that she reimburse us. Last night we met her in a gas station parking lot and she wrote us a check, which I hope will clear, but probably won't. She was close to one of the rudest (most rude?) people I've ever met and I hope she stays inside her home and doesn't associate with anyone for the rest of her life. I guess I will only mention a few things: she arrived in a pickup truck with a guy with long dark hair and a mustache who I assume was her significant other. The check she wrote was branded with the NASCAR logo.