Scrum as much indicates the participation of the development team(s) as it does the involvement and commitment of the 'everyone else'. Everyone must submit innovative controversial ideas, give honest feedback, and be willing to accept success.

Last weekend the company had a second Broadwick Day and discussed all sorts of desires for employee communication and involvement in the product. The opportunity is here, and in the past week we've bridge the gap with some education to let everyone know about their role in Scrum.

In addition, we've added the role of a Story Advocate who represents a given feature during development. This provides the developers a go-to person so they don't feel lost in the sea of people who might care about a given story. In addition, we've created a few mailing lists for trading ideas related to user-stories. If today's Sprint Review is any indication, I'm looking forward to far greater involvement in the development process by any and all in the company.

The development teams also met today to re-commit to reliability as the chief deliverable. A distant second is the features which are no good, and don't Simply Email Marketing unless they work well, all the time.
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