I've subscribed to the mailing list for the new Zend Framework. It's been quite enlightening to be thrown into a community of the highest-caliber PHP developers (aside from my team of course).

I look forward to contributing more and more to the discussion and ultimately contribute patches and code going forward.

For example, in the preview release, I've been working with the Zend_Controller and found a number of things that it lacks. This in and of itself is no problem. The framework is supposed to include some of the best solutions for the most common problems. The aspect I'd like to improve is to allow the framework to be a bit more extensible. For example, there's no easy way to change the parsing of the actual URL. Even by overloading the functions I still have to pass the URL in via a global variable.

It's very lucky that we just finished rewriting our front-controller. We learned lots of lessons in the process, but ours solves a specific problem and wouldn't be for everyone.

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