Clayton Week 5

Clayton enjoyed the swing once, the first night he came home he slept in the swing for a few hours while mom and dad got some sleep under the watchful eye of Gm+Gp Bucholz. Since then, he has had no affection for the swing and usually starts to cry within 30-90 seconds of being placed in it. However, in the last few days he’s started to enjoy watching the mobile. We think that perhaps he can now see further and the mobile can hold his attention.

He’s also been standing (when held up that way), which makes him feel like a human.

trying my own video player

In the interest of being thorough, I’m also trying out my very own video player. Please let me know if this video looks better/worse than the Motionbox variety. Interestingly, it’s actually going to be easier to create a video of this kind because I can automate it.

Thanks to:

Either way, I’ll post my conversion command lines, and any other support tools/configurations.