Breeder Bust

7 dogs arrived at our home last night after riding 9 hours up from Georgia. Another NC member left at 3am to make the trip there and back in one day. The dogs were dirty and scared, but good tempered and quiet. They all got baths, teeth scraping, ear cleanings, nail tripms, and flea preventive. By the time it was all said and done it was 1:30am. Four went to stay with Pam and three were picked up today by Libby’s dedicated foster homes. Some pictures are on our Gallery.

Lily and Marshall’s First Agility Trial

Yesterday, Lily and Marshall competed in their first agility trial in Youngsville, NC. They each competed in three events: Jumpers, Standard (all obstacles), and Tunnelers. You can look at pictures or for the full effect you can watch them in action.

The results were far better than we’d hoped. Lily and Marshall each qualified in the Tunnelers event and Lily qualified in the Jumpers event. They finished all the courses and both the pups and Libby had oodles of fun. The other participants kept asking Libby if she was addicted yet. Something tells me this isn’t the last time they’ll compete.

Congratulations to Libby, Lily, and Marshall.

change of plans

We never made it to the fireworks tonight. One of our fellow rescuers had an incident between her pointer mix and one of her doxie fosters–Chloe. As a result, Libby spent most of the afternoon getting her wounds cared for at one vet, then the emergency vet. She ended up getting 20 staples and 4 drains installed. Unfortunately, this is far from the first time this mix has attacked another small dog. He’s going to have to be separated for the forseeable future. I went to north-raleigh to pickup a dog in transit from New Jersey to Greensboro (clearly the lesser of the two tasks). We then went together to pick up Chloe from her surgery. We hope Chloe has a quick recovery.

This evening Libby and I took a walk to fit in some celebration and watched the fireworks set off by our neighbors.