Where’s Muppet?

As many of you know, Libby and I have been preparing our home and Muppet to join the rest of us in the pulmonary-active world. We’ve cleaned the house, organized most everything we own, and fulfilled every vision of nesting. The nursery’s ready. We’ve got 15 more days until our “due” date, but the standard deviation seems to be +- 2 weeks for 85% case. That means, Muppet could be here any day, or hang on for another 4-weeks.

When do you think Muppet will come? Let us know, send us an email or

As events unfold, we’ll be posting updates here, photos on Flickr, and on Twitter.

New 401(k) doesn’t even support QIF

The 401(k) program we switched to this year happens to have been a step backward as far as support for exporting transactions. In talking with Alan about it, he said he’d downloaded a program to convert the CSV they export into a QIF. In looking at the QIF format, I just decided to whip up something to do the conversion for me. This converts the export from MVP Plan Administrators to QIF and imports successfully into Quicken for Mac 2007.

[sourcecode language=’ruby’]

#based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QIF

open(INH, “< ". $ARGV[0]); open(OUTH, ">“. $ARGV[0]. “.qif”);

print OUTH ‘!Account
NDavid\’s New 401k

while () {
@vals = split /,/;

if ($vals[3] eq ‘RECEIVABL’) {
print OUTH “D” . $vals[0] . “\n”;
print OUTH “N” . $vals[5] . “\n”;
print OUTH “Y” . $vals[4] . “\n”;
print OUTH “T” . $vals[9] . “\n”;
print OUTH “I” . $vals[8] . “\n”;
print OUTH “Q” . $vals[7] . “\n”;
print OUTH “M” . $vals[6] . “\n”;
print OUTH “^\n”;

close OUTH;

Known issues:

  • You still need to go through and mark Dividend transactions as such.
  • Doesn’t handle Sells very well, especially when these are to cover fund fees