Breeder Bust

7 dogs arrived at our home last night after riding 9 hours up from Georgia. Another NC member left at 3am to make the trip there and back in one day. The dogs were dirty and scared, but good tempered and quiet. They all got baths, teeth scraping, ear cleanings, nail tripms, and flea preventive. By the time it was all said and done it was 1:30am. Four went to stay with Pam and three were picked up today by Libby’s dedicated foster homes. Some pictures are on our Gallery.

Return of Windows?

I’ve been Linux-only on the desktop for 4 years now. And now, I’m considering adding Windows back to my daily life. Linux provides an excellent environment to do many of the things I do:

  • web – Web Browse
  • remote administration – Use a terminal
  • services – Run servers
  • video – Transcode, edit, convert, and Backup DVD’s
  • music – Listen to music

A few things Linux hasn’t done well and why I’m considering adding a second OS to my desk here (alongside Linux):

  • Money Management – GNUCash is the closest thing here, but doesn’t hold a candle to the financial institution integration MS Money and Quicken can offer
  • – my content forces me to boot into Windows every few months to add new audio books to my iPod mini
  • Music – I’ve made limited use and I’d like to make more use of services like,, or Yahoo Music to have a wider variety of music to listen to.

There are a few ancillary things that don’t necessitate daily Windows usage, but I do need them occasionally:

  • Harmony Remote – make my Harmony remote do new things
  • Some multimedia stuff, CNN Video – most of this is going to Flash anyway

Wow, that’s a pretty short list. I had in my head that there were more things I wanted from Windows. Maybe I’ll suck it up and work with GNUCash!

On that note, recently solved things that used to suck about Linux on the desktop:

  • Flash 9 – Like it or not, Linux is all about choice, now you have the option of running Flash 9 on Linux.
  • DVD Backups: This has gotten easier and easier on Windows; I just tried an amazing piece of Linux software called Thoggen which backs up DVD’s to my hard-drive-based media server with a surprisingly few number of clicks.
  • Music Management – Rhythmbox and the new player Banshee have made music management and playback much more manageable on Linux. Keep up the great work!
  • Network Manager – the network manager makes wireless/wired connection management a cinch. I highly recommend it!