2006 IntelliContact Accomplishments

I decided to make list of things of which I’ve been a part of accomplishing over the last twelve months at IntelliContact not any without assistance, and some for which I’m only happy to have had a role.

  • From 3500-7200+ customers
  • From one database cluster to four
  • From eight mail servers to 12
  • Creating and maturing the development processing inspired by good things from Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Flickr (credit to Geoff and Alan)
  • One-click deployment tool
  • Bug triage – bugs find their way to solution instead of hanging in purgatory forever
  • Grown from 20 to 50 servers
  • Two four-person development teams
  • From 1.5 to 2.5 Systems people
  • Event-based Billing system (almost all credit here goes to Michael Best)
  • Got rid of Albatross upgrade code
  • Two mailhandlers in two locations
  • Agnification (web servers can serve up from any DB cluster)
  • Message desmurfing interface (credit to Vaughn)
  • RSS feeds
  • Public Newsletter Archive
  • Role-based servers (credit to Jay)