whom to interview?

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You’re growing your team. How do you sift through the pile of incoming resumes? For younger candidates, how important is a GPA? For more experienced candidates, how do you qualified relevant experience?Most job applications arrive electronically these days. Email is a wonderful thing and makes it extremely easy to receive applications without the overhead of taking phone calls. Unfortunately, this also means that many unqualified applicants can submit their resumes with relative ease. Applications will come from people with little or no correlation to those listed in the description of your job opening. Traditional wisdom would be to read all the resumes and sort them into a pile of ‘good’, ‘questionable’, and ‘no’. You schedule the ‘good’ pile for interviews first and if no worthy candidate presents them self then you proceed to the ‘questionable’ pile.

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giving Libby a hand

Over the weekend Libby attempted to arrange two adoptions. One turned out not to get along with the other dog. The second person just wasn’t quite ready until she’d spoken with her family. While they were hear meeting the fosters, another DRNA member also picked up a fear aggressive pup, Amigo. As everyone was on their way out Amigo was cornered and bit Libby’s hand pretty badly. Today she ended up at the doctor to get some antibiotics. Tomorrow she heads out to New York to collaborate on some research.

elbow grease

This past weekend Libby and I put a great deal of work into the house. Libby cleaned up all kinds of dog stuff, reorganized it in the garage and cleaned. I got to pull wire for new surround sound speakers in the bedroom. In addition, we installed pulls/handles on all our kitchen cabinets and drawers.