Firefox gaining in popularity!

It appears that my favorite browser is gaining in popularity! The Firefox web browser ran an ad in the New York TImes to create more hype, and spread the word. Last night I saw a Firefox t-shirt at our favorite Indian restaurant; I might just have to get one. I believe the man who wore the shirt thought we were staring at him. I’d encourage anyone who’s frustrated, particularly with Internet Explorer to try Firefox and see the advantages which include: negligable possibility of spyware, tabbed browsing, popup blocking, google search on primary toolbar, and standards compliant rendering to make the sites you visit look better. Libby uses the browser here at home and has no complaints, which means a lot! It’s available for most any operating system including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

ahh, weekend

As you can see, Dusty (my sisters dog on the right) has found a new friend. It appears that her roomate has adopted a new dog whose name currently escapes me since only Libby got the email with the pictures! She’s quite a cutie and it looks as though he and Dusty are enjoying themselves.   Update: her name is Panda!

I’ve had a great week at work designing and implementing a new framework for our new software release planned for early next year. In addition, we’re only 9 customers shy of reaching 1000 compared with 109 when I started at the beginning of February! Libby’s gotten to do a bit of MRI scanning that she’s been unable to do for a lot of this semester due to her heavy class schedule. Libby’s also been tutoring for two different high-school students one of whom is enrolled in the Carolina Friends School for Quakers.

Libby and I both had long and stressful weeks, especially with 6 dogs to take care of including two puppies. Cody was adopted last weekend, so we had Lily, Marshall, Dash, Star, Mandy, and Beanie. We’re finally getting some relaxing in this weekend. Libby’s been enjoying the Sims 2 and I’ve just been relaxing, listening to my audio books. Mandy was supposed to be going home this weekend, but her transport was cancelled because some of the legs couldn’t be filled so she’ll be with us for another week.

Finally, I wanted to wish my Grandmother Doyle a happy birthday this past week.

Marshall’s Adopted

We believe that we’ve found a good home for Marshall. They’re a young married couple with a young female dog who loves everyone. The family fosters dogs for Dachshund Rescue of North America. Their dog named Lillian is a real angel.

In all seriousness, we’ve decided to adopt charming Mr. Marshall. We know that he’ll be happy with us. Lillian and he have become the best of friends since he came to stay with us. We don’t think he should ever leave. Libby’s already started planning an order to shower him with collars, leashes, harnesses, and toys.