charley came and went

Today we embarked on a homevisit and dropped Gretchen off to her new home.

We then went to Red Robin for a late lunch to enjoy burgers and fries.

We then spent most of the rest of the afternoon at home watching the olympics with a short break to help Mina and her father load up their van with a matress and couch which have lived in our garage for 6 months.

We also ordered pieces for a new computer to allow dual MythTV recordings.

olympics and new laptop

The new laptop arrived today and I’m pretty pleased with its quality. The only thing I don’t like is the trackpad mouse buttons are a big difficult to push.

The Athens 2004 Olympic Games opened this evening (I’m not really sure whether it was this evening or last evening, but) we’re watching it this evening. We’ve very much enjoyed having MythTV so we can pause, rewind, and enjoy the ceremony at our own pace. I look forward to viewing the events without being a slave to the schedule!

tax free

This weekend, North Carolina is enjoying Tax-Free weekend, so we celebrated by purchasing a laptop for Libby from for $605.10 (including shipping). We also went and did our normal grocery shopping, got a pair of pedometers so Libby and I can measure our resepctive walking, and got a few shirts from Kohls tax-free.

This week, Ming and Antonia are staying with us, and we enjoyed dinner with them on Friday followed by a viewing of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (much better than I exepcted), but other than that they’ve been quite busy.