weekend update

On Saturday, we tried to get the lawn mower going and had no luck. After draining the gas and replacing the spark plug it still wouldn’t start. We ended up using our neighbors’ mower and ours will go to the shop tomorrow, hopefully.

We also picked up Heidi who cannot use her two left legs. She seems to have control and sensation of most of her body, but her muscles have all but deteriorated from her two left limbs.

The cable people came sometime Sunday morning while we were out doing a home visit and ran a cable across the driveway which works exactly the same as my solution, though perhaps more attractive. Hopefully they’ll find a more permanent solution soon.

Tonight, since we’re done with turn off the TV week, we watched Survivor, though Libby already knew who got voted off since we’d heard she was scheduled to appear on talk shows this week. Funny how we could have avoided watching it all together since we knew who was voted off! The plan is to limit our TV consumption in the future since we both agree that we benefited from turning it off.

short in the cable

Thursday, Sidney was dropped off for us to babysit. He’s a DRNA dog who doesn’t like kids, other dogs, or cats; he’s also blind. When we bring him near the other dogs, he tries to bite them. It almost seems like it’s not viscous as he just wanted to chomp on them. Unfortunately, it means that he gets to stay in his crate most of the time, just like Chloe.

The weather here is hot during the day, and quite pleasant from dusk until mid-day. Last night we planned on visiting the dog park with the puppies so they could run around and play with all the other dogs. Unfortunately, upon Libby’s arrival she discovered that Lillian had a cut under her left eye. We decided it needed examined by the vet, and in a fairly prompt manner, they told us that it was merely a superficial scratch and some drops would help it heal best.
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Our CEO received an alligator in the mail from his father. It’s of the type where when put in water it expands to many times its original size. We decided to “grow” it inside a water bottle:


Mina left right after dinner this evening. We hope she’ll decide to attend Duke, but know she’ll do whatever’s in her best interest.

We left our tv off this evening and enjoyed the silence. I suppose it’s not that difficult to leave it off, as MythTv frees us from the binds of the broadcasting networks by allowing us to watch what we want when we want and even where we want for free! So, as we sit here in front of our sleeping television, we know that the computer in the other room is working very hard to save CSI:Miami (and other things) to the hard disk for viewing whenever we please.

Either way, the peace and quiet has allowed me to have some engaging chats with friends over the internet and I do truely feel like it’s thus far been a beneficial experience.