Eden Platform Gets You More Search Engine Traffic

I recently had the distinct pleasure of taking Preation’s Eden Platform for a test drive. The Preation team together with its Eden Platform make sure that your website will continue to deliver long after the initial setup. Through the platform you can add content, contact forms, calendars, navigation, look and feel, and media all through an intuitive user interface. Move pages, content, and articles around using drag-and-drop interface. Eden Platform is one heck of a CMS, but that’s not the best of it. Eden Platform integrates throughout the entire process information about every page, navigation, and even the analytics to let you know exactly how to get the most free traffic to your website via the search engines. It provides feedback on keyword density, links, URLs, and navigation. Best of all, it provides specific advice on how to address any flags that come up.

There are many cool technology aspects behind this project including the analysis of page content, drag-and-drop interface, scalability and caching concerns to keep things running smoothly.

And, Preation’s just released the Eden Optimizer (which provides the SEO feedback mentioned above) as a standalone product. See what the Eden Platform might do for you by evaluating your current SEO score.

‘call’ link on npr mobile

I was browsing NPR’s mobile site on my blackberry and noticed a “call” link. I decided to see what it was and my phone proceeded to dial a number and I was immediately connected to the program referenced by the article. It’s a pretty neat solution to the ‘streaming media’ challenge on mobile devices.